Devotion Kiosk For Your Church

Devotion Centers are built with simplicity in mind. Encased within a regal wooden kiosk, our easy-to-touch interface allows your members and guests to quickly choose their devotion areas and amounts.

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Display Your Entire Devotion Platform

Give visibility to otherwise unknown devotion opportunities being offered. Devotion Centers display unlimited amount of devotion categories to choose from.

  • View Entire Devotion Platform
  • Large Buttons Display Each Devotion Category
  • Choose a Devotion Category and Learn More Before Devoting

Easy Devotion Selections

Touching devotion categories gives your members and guests the ability to learn more and easily make a devotion.

  • Touch to select a Devotion Category
  • Learn More about the Devotion Category
  • Select a devotion amount


Devotions Across Multiple Categories

Devotion Centers powerful flexibility allow your members and guests to choose multiple devotion categories and devotion amounts at once. What was a $20 bill towards one category can become $5 towards four different devotion areas.

Simplicity in Swiping

Once a user’s devotion categories and amounts are finalized, all that is left is a simple swipe. In less than ten seconds, a member or guest can choose a devotion category, swipe, and continue to serve.


Receipt Print Outs

Devotion Centers come with the option of printing receipts for your members or guests. This can be placed inside the collection basket or held onto for personal records.

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Click below and get in touch with one of our sales executives to receive more information or request a demo!

Designed with Simplicity, Speed, and Security

Devotion Centers were created to provide a ┬áseamless, simple, and straightforward devoting experience for your members and guests. Whether your members and guests are on-the-go millennials or a prudent veterans, Devotion Center’s┬áspeed and simplicity provide added convenience for all. This convenience does not mean sacrificing security, and our Devotion Centers are bank level PCI-compliant.


It has never been easier to devote. Devotion Center’s intuitive touch interface is hassle-free, reassuring your guests their devotions are handled with care.


From last-minute attendees to regular members, Devotion Centers speed throughout the devotion process give more time to your members and guests to be a part of your service.


Our bank level PCI-compliance gives you the ultimate satisfaction in handling cashless devotions. Member or guest data is never stored on the devices.